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Becoming a Resource Partner
Becoming a Resource Partner

Why Become a Resource Partner

There are many benefits to becoming a NetWork Kansas resource partner. Our group of 500+ business-building resources in Kansas help entrepreneurs start and grow successful businesses. NetWork Kansas resource partners qualify for unique opportunities, including:

  • Join a network of 500+ partners
  • Qualified referrals based upon the services your organization offers to entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Access to our statewide events calendar, allowing you to upload and share business-building events with thousands of website visitors
  • Your organization becomes part of Resource Navigator, our online database which provides information about your organization to entrepreneurs and small businesses across the state
  • Access to StartUp Kansas, the statewide matching loan program for entrepreneurs and small business
  • Access to the Kansas Capital Multiplier Funds 
  • Access to the E-Community Partnership 
  • Partners collaborate with other professional organizations * We have established more than 1,600 connections to the Kansas Small Business Development Center (KSBDC)
  • Partners are featured in NetWork Kansas marketing materials Increased visibility and web presence with other organizations across the state
  • Part of NetWork Kansas’ annual reporting and legislative representation

Steps to Becoming a Resource Partner

1. Start by clicking here to provide us with information about the business-building services you provide to entrepreneurs. If you are an eligible non-profit or public sector organization, this information will then be uploaded to Resource Navigator, our online database of resources available to Kansas small business owners and entrepreneurs.

2. Send an email to: [email protected] indicating whether you prefer to receive communication from NetWork Kansas regarding resource partner benefits and procedures via e-mail or phone.

3. A referral coordinator will then contact you to walk you through additional information about the benefits of being a resource partner, how to add events to our statewide calendar, and familiarize you with the process of applying for NetWork Kansas programs for which you may be eligible.

4. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation about what you do to help grow businesses in Kansas.