Resources for E-Communities

Resources for E-Communities

Steps for Requesting E-Community Funds

1. Review the E-Community Checklist of required documents to request E-Community funds

2. Complete the Initial Grant Request Form or the Entrepreneurship Support Funds Request Form as appropriate.

3. Obtain the client’s signature on the E-Community Marketing Release and Progress Report Form

4. Scan and email completed documents required from the checklist to: [email protected]

5. If you do not receive a response within 3 or 4 days via email, call Tina Woods at (316) 425-0310 to ensure documents were received.

Not a partner? Only NetWork Kansas resource partners can access E-Community funds. Find out how to become a resource partner here.

To request funds for board certified programs, use the Board Certified Program Initial Report and Check Request.



Downloadable content for your E-Community’s use.

E-Community Partnership Logos (PDF) (use these on your E-Community marketing pieces)

E-Community Trifold Brochure 2023 (PDF)

Creating Entrepreneurial Communities in Kansas – Case Study

E-Communities Across the State (PDF)

What is an E-Community Video

Templates and other informational material

Incubator and Makerspace Listing