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What is VentureDash?

VentureDash IconVentureDash is an online entrepreneurship competition management system designed to streamline the facilitation of entrepreneurship fairs and business plan competitions. The system was created by Moonbase Labs based out of Wichita.

VentureDash is designed to be a one-stop-shop to facilitate planning, organizing, and executing a competition from start to finish. One of the features allows mentors, entrepreneurs, and judges to register for their local competition and track participation numbers. The judges are able to use the scoring system to evaluate and enter scores. It will then calculate the winners on its own, saving organizers time and effort.

Click HERE to access VentureDash.

What VentureDash does

VentureDash has many features that are huge advantage for competition planners. With VentureDash, you will be able to:
  • Plan, organize, and execute a competition or a series of competitions from start to finish
  • Register entrepreneurs, mentors, and judges to track participation numbers
  • Use the built-in scoring system to automatically calculate scores and winners
  • View results on an organized leaderboard, which can be made public or kept private as desired
  • Send announcements through the system to participants for updates, instructions, etc.
  • Survey participants to gather feedback on their experiences
  • Conduct check-in the day of the competition
  • Add a task list where tasks can be checked off as accomplished
  • Take payments for competition entry fees

Who can use VentureDash?

Any organization wanting to run an entrepreneurship, business, or any other kind of competition may use VentureDash. The platform may be used throughout the United States.

Developing VentureDash

Moonbase Labs is based in Wichita, KS and was founded in 2017. moonbase labs logoDuring the collaborative development process, Moonbase Labs and NetWork Kansas met together many times over the course of a year to discuss vision, goals, design, branding, and much more. With each building phase of VentureDash, Moonbase Labs kept NetWork Kansas informed of progress with progress reports, previews, and eventually live demos of the finished product. Overall, this was a great experience with expert advice and great customer service.  

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