Destination BootCamp® Business Spotlight: Manweiler Chevrolet

By NetWork Kansas


Gene Manweiler, owner of Manweiler Chevrolet, attended Destination BootCamp® in October 2018 and Graduate Destination BootCamp in March 2019. Below he talks about this impact this program has had on his business.

Q: Describe your business and how it’s grown since participating in Destination BootCamp.

Manweiler Chervolet is a family-owned Chervolet franchise dealership in Hoisinton, KS. The business was started by my great-grandfather in November 1928, making me the fourth generation owner. Last year we celebrated 90 years in business, and between all of our employees, we have over 224 years of service. We aren’t the only Chevy dealer with a body shop attached, but it is a rarity to have one.  Since participating in Destination BootCamp, I have grown so much in regard to knowledge, new ideas, and new marketing schemes. We now really emphasize that our dealership is different and not a cookie cutter.

What were your key takeaways from participating?

Jon gave us a lot of tools to think outside of the box. After finishing the first day of BootCamp, Jon gave us homework to do that night. I hated that, but it really got me thinking. His homework was to come up with a Unique Positioning Statement. I struggled with it all night, but then it suddenly came to me. We are the only dealership housed in a World War II era, art deco building designed by GM. We are the last building of its kind with a franchise dealer in it, and we have the World’s Largest Historic Chevy bowtie neon sign. Our building was also added to the National Historic Register and we are listed on the scenic byway that runs through Hoisington.

M Chevy

What are your plans to grow your business in the future?

I have some things in the works that I would prefer to keep under wraps. However, we currently offer unique services to our customers that no other dealers offer. We are also focusing on revamping our advertising with the assistance of Rich Carrero, whom I met at BootCamp. Rich took some photos of our neon sign and designed a quad-fold for us, with the writing of Gene Lowe, whom I also met at BootCamp. In addition to the quad-fold, we also used Rich’s help to create a historical diorama in the customer waiting area. We also have memorabilia and t-shirts for sale. Our dealership also features two maps, one of the US showing all the states we have shipped to and the other of Kansas showing the communities we have shipped new vehicles to. All in all, we are becoming a destination business in a way that nobody else has. If a business owner is really passionate about their business, they can’t afford to not go to Destination BootCamp.


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